Url Shortener with monetization and multi language support

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Thank you for purchasing ShortURL - Url Shortener. If you have any problems or questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to contact me. Thanks so very much!

  • PHP version (5.5.9 or higher, PHP 7 is supported)
  • $_SERVER variable
  • MBString extension
  • PDO extension
  • PDO MySQL driver
Extract and upload files on your server or hosting.
Make sure following directories, subdirectories and files have writable permissions (777).
Import ~/project_dir/database.sql in your MySQL database.
Go to Customization Section

Database Settings

First of all you need to configure MySQL database credentials. To do this open ~/project_dir/engine/app/config/parameters.yml and set up database settings.

    database_host: localhost
    database_port: 3306
    database_name: shorturls
    database_user: my_db_user
    database_password: my_db_password
    mailer_transport: smtp
    mailer_user: null
    mailer_password: null
    secret: AnySecretToken

You need to replace highlighted words with your own data:

localhost The host of the MySQL database. Usually it's localhost
3306 The database port. Usually it's 3306
shorturls The database name
my_db_user The database username
my_db_password The password of database user

Logging in

The configuration process has been almost finished. Next you can use url shortener and log in to Admin panel. Admin has following default credentials:

Login: admin
Password: admin

Don't forget to change your password and timezone after first login.

Note! If after setting right database credentials you still see errors, please manually clear cache.

How to change my password or username?

To change password go to admin panel, click on Account settings and change your password or username.

How to change project design? Where template and design files are located?

For editing design files you need simple text editor(notepad, notepad++, TextEdit...).
All template files are located in ~/project_dir/engine/app/Resources/views/project/
Project style files are located in ~/project_dir/files/ and have .less extension

Note! After changing template files please don't forget to clear project cache.

How to clear project cache?

To clear project cache go to admin panel, click on Cache and than click Clear Cache button.
Also you can clear project cache manually, by removing these two folders:

How to change timezone?

To change timezone go to admin panel, click on Basic Configuration select your Timezone from list and Save settings.

How to edit texts and translations?

You can change all texts and translations in admin panel. Go to admin panel and click Languages.
To add translation, write language prefix in Add tab and save it.
In Edit tab you can edit, set as default or delete your translations.

How can i monetize this project?

You can add Ads as much as you want. For example, if you want to show ads on redirect page, open ~/project_dir/engine/app/Resources/views/project/redirect.html.twig file and add your code in any place you want.

To edit links go to admin panel, click on Links Managment. There you will see all added links, you will be able to search, edit and delete links.